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Some Wedding Songs Endure, and Others Just Don’t

There are just some songs that define a classic wedding reception, don’t you think? Whether it’s the crowd-pleasing Beatles version of Twist & Shout that seems to get every generation on the dance floor or John Legend’s recent “All of Me” that couples have flocked to as a first dance favorite, every decade has produced some wedding staples that are undeniable dancing classics.

Songs That Never Grow Old

Will we ever grow tired of Etta James’ legendary “At Last”?

Not likely. It’s a charming first dance choice that’s been around since the 60s and isn’t likely going anywhere anytime soon.

Songs We Wish Would Go Away

On the other hand, some songs have simply worn out their welcome and couples have them decidedly on their Don’t Play List.

Is there any song that is more disliked these days than “The Macarena”? Unfortunately, some songs really can be overplayed.

Today, couples are exchanging the once-beloved line dancing song with newer favorites like the Cha Cha Slide.

Songs That Went from Popular to Faux Paus to Popular Again

Over the years, some songs have transitioned from popular to forbidden to accepted again. The perfect example is the Isley Brother’s 1959 “Shout”.

For a couple decades, this song defined a wedding reception. However, when it appeared in the crazy frat house movie “Animal House” in 1978, brides no longer wanted it to represent their special day.

But after some time passed and the movie became somewhat of a cult classic, it become popular to play at receptions again.

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